Non-Contact Thermometers

An infrared thermometer is a thermometer that infers temperature from a portion of the thermal radiation sometimes called black-body radiation emitted by the object being measured. This permits temperature measurement from a distance without contact with the object to be measured.

Are Gun thermometers really accurate?

To make things worse, non-contact thermometers have an accuracy of ±3 degrees. That means your recorded temperature could potentially indicate hypothermia or fever, even if your body temperature is actually normal. This makes them way less effective than in-ear thermometers.

What is the most accurate no-touch thermometer for adults?

The iHealth No-Touch Forehead Thermometer. This best-selling thermometer uses three infrared sensors to read 100 different data points on your forehead without direct contact.

What is the most accurate thermometer for home use?

Of all the thermometers we considered, for most people, we can recommend the iProven DMT-489, a dual-mode infrared thermometer that takes fast, accurate readings from either the forehead or the ear.

What brand of the infrared thermometer is best?

Our Top 6 Picks for Best non-contact Thermometer in 2021
Best Overall – ThermoWorks Industrial non-contact Temperature Gun.
Best for cooking – ThermoWorks Thermapen® IR.
Also Great – Fluke 62 MAX Plus Non-contact Thermometer.
Best Budget – Etekcity 1022D Dual Laser Digital Infrared Temperature Gun.

Research has shown that, when used correctly, infrared or no-contact thermometers are just as accurate as oral or rectal thermometers. No-contact thermometers are popular among pediatricians, as kids often squirm around when trying to get a temperature read, but it also holds true in mass temperature screenings.

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Non-contact infrared thermometer For Sale

Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer


Specifications                Range

Body Temperature Range —> 89.6 to 108.5°F (32 to 42.5°C)
Basic accuracy —> ±0.5°F/0.3°C
Surface Temperature Range —> 32 to 140°F (0 to 60°C)
Basic accuracy —> ±1.5°F (±0.8°C)
Resolution —> 0.1°C/°F
Response Time —> 500ms
Power —> 2 AA batteries
Dimensions —> 6.3×3.2×1.7″ (160x82x42mm)
Weight —> 6.24oz (177g)